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Larger change projects competence is needed within other areas.

Business Process Change

A new ERP-system will support business processes in a different way than the old one. It is therefore essential to analyze current business processes and ascertain if current business processes are subject to change or if the ERP-system must be customized. Improvements and rationalizations are often missed in a project when these steps are underestimated. An external resource can provide new input and challenge current processes and system support as well as guiding the customer though these steps.


In all projects the customer needs to have the right competence to evaluate the deliverables and time-lines. For this purpose, an external resource might be a good complement to the steering committee.


Often an ERP-project also means a review of the company IT-strategy. Questions regarding system governance, outsourcing, IT-risks etc. needs to be discussed. Ledera can contribute with relevant experience in these discussions.

Senior Advisor

Decision makers in larger change projects might need an external resource to support them through the project on a strategic level.


Managers in different stages of a company’s development has different needs of coaching and in some cases e.i. a change process an external coach might provide adequate support in the process.